Competitive fuel prices: Penner Oil monitors fuel prices daily to take advantage of the lowest possible rack prices and passes those savings on to you.
Product supply: Penner Oil has a firm fuel supply contract with a major oil company that provides continuous product availability so you never have to worry about running out of fuel.
Fuel delivery: Penner Oil has their own fuel trucks and drivers. The benefit to you is that we can provide fast, efficient service by coordinating loads in an area. All the fuel is metered off so you only pay for what you receive.
Fuel inventory management: Our dispatch group can help you keep track of your purchases and sales by calling you for your dip readings. The benefit to you is a back-up support group for your people to call if needed.
New site development: Penner Oil has many years of experience in station design and layout. If you are building a new site we can help you design the best layout to maximize sales. This is done at a reasonable cost to you because of our relationship with contractors and our own qualified personnel, working as a team. Penner Oil supplies this consulting service at no charge.
Pump maintenance: If Penner Oil has supplied the pumps, and there are problems with the pumps, Penner Oil will repair them at no cost to you (unless the damage is through negligence). Our drivers assist by replacing nozzles and hoses if necessary and performing other visual inspections of the equipment. Details are outlined in the Product Supply Agreement.
Capital investment: Whether you are building a new site or remodeling an existing site, Penner Oil can assist you and may invest in the new petroleum equipment necessary, as part of a Sales Agreement.
Other products - oils: Penner can supply a full range of lubricants (Nemco & Peak brands) at very competitive prices from Winnipeg or Regina.
Industry knowledge: Penner has great people, willing to assist customers with their operations. With their many years of experience in management, finance, trucking, marketing and general knowledge about the fuel business, they can help solve many business issues.
Environmental clean up: Penner Oil operates to current environmental standards, is experienced in clean up operations, and can assist stations in dealing with any environmental issues by coordinating efforts with Penner Oil employees and specialized consultants.